Say hello to our new ewes

Here at Green End Farm we’re not only a home for gardens also we’re a now a home for sheep! Now you may be thinking we’re busy enough already so why do you want sheep? They’re a fantastic use of land! The sheep will be a great asset over summer

Small Garden? No problem!

Green walls are great for injecting colour and texture into any garden great or small. Using a mixture of trailing, semi trailing and smaller structural plants you can have it all using the bare minimum of space. In our design we’ve used Heucheras to give bushy texture and a range

Summer borders at Green End

The perennial border is changing by the week – centre stage this week are Helenium and Lythrum. The Inula are still making a show, and have been for the last three weeks.  The lovely thing about this style of planting is that you can have continuous colour from when the

Sensory Garden Girton Town Charity

The garden is establishing well.    The unusual high temperatures of the last week have caused some casualties even though there’s been no lack of water – it seems the plants have been flagging just as we have…….

Tulip bin arriving for the Sensory Garden

This new-design waste is one of the first of its kind in the UK.  The bin stands out through its bright colours and innovative design and will make disposing of your litter a joy! Look out for it at the Sensory Garden although it will be hard to miss!

Sensory Garden – Girton Town Charity

The Sensory Garden project on behalf of Girton Town Charity  is well on the way to being finished.  Planting is settling in and should be well established by the time the garden is open  

Late Spring Border

The lupins are again fantastic this year – there’s something about this border they love!  These follow the Spring bulbs and Iris and Allium are usually next to appear

Moss wall art

A moss painting is like a living painting – it’s durable and maintenance free.  No daylight is needed so perfect for dark and unlit spaces.  A great sound absorber too.

Our new living wall…

We’re all very excited to have our living wall installed and growing in our office.  Accredited with benefits such as being a tonic to ease stress and fatigue, i’m looking for even more happiness from everyone !